I just finished reading the second volume of RASL by Jeff Smith, the famous graphic novelist who wrote Bone. With dismay I saw elements of my own script for Coiled appearing in its pages. Smith apparently also loved Tesla and his fascinating history, and incorporated it into his graphic novel, just as we have been planning. I hope that no one accuses me of stealing from him. I’ve had these ideas on paper for years in my hand-scrawled notebook.

There is a really big difference between RASL and Coiled. RASL’s plot is based on the idea that Tesla was onto something big, and the scientists in his story push his vision farther than he was able to, allowing the main character to travel to parallel universes. Coiled is also about a modern incarnation of Tesla’s vision, but this time the vision is created virtually in the form of a space station powered by giant Tesla coils. So, although both are science fiction, Coiled is significantly closer to the realm of possibility.

Oh, and one of the main female characters in RASL is called Maya, same as Joshua’s mother. I swear I never heard of RASL before writing all of this down! Amanda and I are thinking we’ll just change that name.

I definitely recommend RASL, although it’s for adults only, unlike Bone.