Coiled is the story of Joshua, a boy who is searching for his mother who has mysteriously gone missing. When he finds an envelope with her handwriting on it, he traces her first to an East African neighborhood of Seattle, and then into a virtual world that he previously thought existed only in her imagination.

Coiled is published weekly on Wednesdays. It is written by Peter Gruenbaum and illustrated by Amanda Kingsley.

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About the Illustrator and Writer

Amanda is a free-range illustrator and an editorial cartoonist. Her miscellaneous other credentials include work as a feature writer, cattle wrangler, art teacher and movie theater projectionist.  For five years she ran a super-hip café in Seattle before moving deep into the woods on the Olympic Peninsula where she now lives with her husband and two young comic fans.

Peter writes and teaches about technology through his company, SDK Bridge. He sometimes teaches creative technology classes for teens in the Seattle area. He has been a physicist, playwright, and software developer, working on technologies from solar cells to virtual reality. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two children. Coiled is his first graphic novel.