While we were on hiatus, I took my sons to the Emerald City ComicCon. It’s an amazing event. There’s something really powerful about seeing so many artists and so much creativity in one place. Not to mention the costumes. (Actually, people kind of blow the importance of the costumes out of proportion. It’s really about the art.)

One of the highlights for me was meeting Christopher Baldwin, who does an amazingly imaginative and entertaining science fiction webcomic called Spacetrawler. It’s for an adult audience, or I would go into more detail. In any case, he was kind enough to mention meeting me here: http://spacetrawler.com/2011/03/13/spacetrawler-3c4cgh/

I also got to meet Doug TenNapel, who has a wonderfully twisted imagination, and has done several works for young audiences, including Tommy Rex and Ghostopolis. His new webcomic, Ratfist, is both fun and more than a little strange.

Another highlight was a program that teaches cartooning in some Seattle public schools. There was a high school student at their booth who would create a drawing for a $10 donation. She made an awesome manga portrait of my younger son.

One day, Amanda and I will be there.