Webcomics.com, Cast of Characters Page, and Easy Sharing

By Peter

We posted a question on webcomics.com asking for marketing advice for comics like ours in a very early stage. I was totally surprised by how many people answered and how many suggestions were thrown our way. It’ll take quite a while to implement all the new ideas.

One that I implemented right away is a Cast page. One of the people on webcomics.com said that they read the strip so far and they got kind of lost. Given how much the plot jumps around without explaining anything, it’s not too surprising. I intended the story to be a bit confusing so far — it’s supposed to intrigue you and motivate you to keep reading until you figure out what the heck is going on. The Cast page gives you some extra information that will help things fall more into place. If you’d rather keep things more of a mystery for a little while, then don’t visit it.

I also implemented a little sharing toolbar to the left of the comic. It’s designed to show the four most common ways of sharing by reacting to how people use it. Right now its default settings are kind of lame (printing, for example), so please use it so that it starts consistently showing Facebook and Twitter and other modern types of sharing technology.