Project Wonderful

By Peter

You may have noticed that we are now running advertisements from Project Wonderful. It’s a really cool advertising system where people create ads and bid on where they want them placed. A lot of webcomics use them, both as revenue and to advertise.

With the Google ads, we would only get paid if you clicked on the ad, which meant that we couldn’t encourage you to click on them without getting in trouble with Google. Project Wonderful ads we get paid by the day, so we are free to encourage you to click as much as you can. There have been some pretty cool things advertised on Coiled already, especially some fun webcomics to check out. We limit our ads to sites that are appropriate for children.

So far we are making about $0.01 a day. Big money! If we can get more people looking at it every day, then the bidding wars will bring that price up. Tell all your friends about Coiled!