Recommended Graphic Novels
By Peter

I’m finding it’s not easy to come up with something new to say each week. I thought I’d take some time to recommend some graphic novels that are good for the same age range as Coiled. Let me start with Kukuburi by Ramon Perez.
Kukuburi is the story of a young woman who works as a delivery girl. She is delivering an ordinary package when she suddenly passes into a surreal world filled with flying sea creatures and other extraordinary creatures. She finds she has friends in this world, and a connection to her childhood, but she also has an enemy – a well-dressed, sunglasses-wearing skeleton. Why she is there and what she is trying to accomplish is secondary to the extraordinary visual atmosphere of the comic.
Kukuburi exists only on the Web. It’s free, and updated whenever the author has time to do it. He is in demand as a professional artist, so sometimes there are long breaks where there are no updates. But it’s worth the wait.