Recommended Graphic Novel: Power Nap

By Peter

There’s a fairly new webcomic on the scene called Power Nap. It takes place in the near future, where a pill has been invented that makes it so that no one needs to sleep any more. The twist is that the main character is allergic to it. So the premise is: how do you survive in a world where no one has to sleep except you?

The poor guy tries to survive on as little sleep as possible, but it’s starting to look like hallucinations involving monsters, umbrellas, and turtles are invading his waking life. This sounds like it could be a very dark story, but in fact, the tone is light, highlighting the absurdity of how people have all this extra time, and they just squander it. The strip is beautifully drawn, and has a whimsical, humorous feel to it. Check it out.