Traditional Publicity for Webcomics

By Peter

There’s a forum called where artists and writers can discuss all kinds of things about the art of making comics for the web. I asked people what they thought of traditional publicity vs. publicity aimed specifically at a webcomics audience. It’s been on my mind, since we’ve gotten some great articles written about us recently, but the number of readers who stayed seemed smaller than the number of readers who have stayed as a result of ads for Coiled on other webcomics sites.

I’ve noticed that only a fraction of the general population likes graphic novels. Only a fraction of those are willing to read a strip that updates once a week, especially without a punchline each time. So I asked what other people thought about publicity that goes out to the general public. Sur e enough, other people agreed that it would be best to focus our efforts to get the word out to webcomic fans specifically.

So that’s the plan. The details I have yet to figure out.