By Peter

This marks the end of chapter 5. I am especially pleased with this page because I didn’t write it. I was talking with Amanda about how one aspect of Joshua’s mom’s personality was not coming out much, and that was that she wasn’t really the greatest parent. (It’s kind of a cliche to have a brilliant scientist dad who doesn’t know how to connect with his kids, so this is similar, but it’s a brilliant scientist mom. My script jumped from “And this just the beginning of this DARPA project” to “Oh, Mom, where did you go?” Amanda had the idea for everything in between. She captured exactly what I was looking for.

You know who I’ve been missing? Shankar and the General. They come back in the next chapter. Shankar has been mulling over how an animal could be on Space Station Tesla, and he attempts to get information out of the General, who is never happy about giving out information.