By Peter

For several months now, Amanda has been requesting that I put the ability for readers to comment back on the site. I had taken them out (see my reasons here), and with my limited PHP ability, I could not figure out how to get them back in. We use a WordPress theme called ComicPress, and it turns out that we were overdue for a version upgrade. So I made the upgrade and then had to put in all the settings again (except the code that took out the comments). I got it pretty close to where it was before, although there are some minor differences.

Anyway, comments are back, so use them! Ask us anything. Give us feedback. In fact, let’s start a discussion right now. How many of you assumed that the woman in the very first scene was Joshua’s mom, and now know that you were mistaken? (In fact, now that you know what Joshua’s mom looks like, you may be wondering who that first woman is. She’ll come back in the story eventually.)

Write those comments!