More on Flashbacks

By Peter

One of my very favorite old movies, which I haven’t seen for years, is called Laura. In it, a young woman named Laura is murdered and a detective is called in to solve the case. The detective talks to various people who knew her and she is shown in flashback from several people’s point of view. Pretty soon, the detective has fallen in love with her. What emerges is an unrequited love story, except that one of the members of the couple is dead and only exists in flashbacks. ┬áIt’s pretty unusual, especially for a black-and-white movie.

Right now, Joshua’s mom is only seen in flashbacks. I was going to have all the flashbacks be from Joshua, but then I thought of Laura, and I decided to have flashbacks from the three characters who knew her: Joshua, Joshua’s dad, and the General. That way, you can see three different sides of her.