Bakka, Part 2

By Peter

A quick story about the real student named Bakka. One time I taught a class at Yesler where we created an electronic music-making machine using Augmented Reality technology. I got a famous museum in Seattle called the Experience Music Project to allow us to show it off. They gave us a small room, and I dragged museum-goers into the room to try it out, while three of my students (including Bakka) talked to them about how they did the project. You can read more about it here. (Scroll down to: “Are you experienced? Yesler is.”)

Afterwards, the kids were hungry and asked if I could take them to the McDonald’s next door. We walked over there, and as I watched them order their food, it started to become clear to me how much food teenage boys can eat. While the food workers were assembling this rather large order, I suddenly realized that Bakka was chatting with the cashier, explaining to him in detail about how I had adopted all three of them from Africa and raised them in America. The cashier looked at me with considerable respect. I shrugged my shoulders and paid, my words completely failing me.